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Placing Abu Dhabi on the International Cruise Map

As the first dedicated permanent cruise infrastructure in Emirate of Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi Ports facilitates cruise tourism by opening new avenues for visitors as they embark on their exciting journey into Abu Dhabi through the Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminal.

Our state-of-the-art facility meets international standards of operations and is fully capable of handling turnaround and port-of-call services for all kind of vessels. In addition, our team of experienced professionals pride themselves on offering solutions to customers’ every request, ensuring a seamless passenger journey for our cruise visitors.

Offering Excellence in Ship Services

Through our Cruise Terminal, we strive to deliver excellence coupled with efficient, fast and smooth operations for arriving vessels from regional and international cruise lines.

Spanning over 7800 square meters, our spacious modern terminal can host three vessels simultaneously at over 900 meters of available berth space.

We pride ourselves on our innovative procedural systems that are helping to establish our position as an emerging preferred cruise hub. As part of our value-added operations, we maintain the highest security standards at our terminal, while offering various vessels services such as fresh water and waste management, data connection, porters, ship provision and greywater disposal, among many others.

Our dedication to providing the best-in-class ship services has paid off, and we now welcome vessels from 13 cruise lines at Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminal. Read More >

Enhancing the Passenger Experience

From the moment cruise passengers disembark, Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminal stands ready to offer the ultimate in their welcome to Abu Dhabi. Our services are designed to be flexible and are rooted in responsiveness to passengers’ and cruise vessels’ needs.

Through multiple cruise and airline check-in counters with luggage claim area, with customs and immigration under one roof, entry and exit into the city are eased to the maximum. In addition, the terminal has been designed so that visitors have immediate access to public transportation such as taxi and buses that are within a 20-meter distance of the facility.

Our retail outlets, souvenirs and duty-free shops offer an unforgettable taste of Abu Dhabi before visitors even leave the terminal, while we make sure your logistical needs are met through availability of ATMs, foreign exchange, tourist information points. Free WiFi across the facility helps you stay connected.

Abu Dhabi Cruise Terminal has also been specifically designed to be special needs friendly and accessible by wheelchair.